Mission Statement

The mission of this blog is to take the reader on the adventure of creating the Dragon Head  sculpture at the future location of the PsiKeep Center for the Arts.

Individuals who are interested in donating to the construction of the Dragon Head  may contact the artist at: lorenwolf2@myway.com


A word about the PsiKeep logo.
The PsiKeep logo is made of two parts. In the center is the Greek letter Ψ psi which means “mind”. It is found in such words as psychology – the study of the mind. Another example is psychotropic – mind altering or literally mind turning.
The letter Ψ psi is enclosed in a circle with a gate which represents a keep or the central living space of a castle. Literally the symbol means mind castle.

The flame is the creative energy entering and leaving the mind castle The PsiKeep Center for the Arts is where creativity is born and manifest.

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